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TGIF Body Shop, Inc. - Insurance Claims

  • Insurance Claims Specialists

    More than any other body shop in the Bay Area, TGIF Body Shop, Inc. understands the challenges unique to insurance firms. Prolonged open claims cost insurance companies millions. TGIF Body Shop, Inc. provides both the insurance firm and their policyholder with pertinent information at timely intervals; ensuring claims are closed as soon as possible.

    More than 80% of our repairs are claims-based – this means that on average, we perform 1,600 insurance based repairs a year. This volume and specialization means we provide insurance firms with:

    • 100% customer satisfaction for policyholders and Claims Representatives
    • No surprises during the actual repair and assurance of an on-time delivery
    • Lifetime warranty on repairs performed and lowest life of repair cost

    Losing a policyholder because of a bad claims experience or poor repair work is devastating.

    On top of paying out a potentially large claim amount, you lose a policyholder. That’s why a proven auto body partner is so critical – don’t lose a policyholder because your partner or vendor provided poor service.

    We share your objective: provide the customer with the highest quality service and keep your promises. Partner with the only auto body shop that provides its employees with more than 3,400 hours of training, including lean Manufacturing, advanced repair and customer service.

    Superior Performance for Claims-based Repairs

    • Experience - 37 years of servicing East Bay fleets
    • Over 10,000 Repairs - More than 10,000 vehicles serviced in the past 5 years alone
    • Voted Best - Named the best auto body shop in Fremont by the general public
    • Certified - All of our mechanics are ASE Certified
    • 100% Green - The only Certified 100% Green auto body shop in the entire Bay Area

    Benefits of Working with TGIF Body Shop, Inc.

    1. Increase your on time “file closes” ratio, potentially up to 100%
    2. Work with a dedicated Claims Specialists, who understand the insurance firms’ internal processes
    3. Eliminate, up to 100%, redundant questions, policyholder repair status inquiries and rework
    4. Simplify the claims administration process across your entire claims center
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