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Here’s what some of our Fremont, CA customers are saying about us:

I recommend this place to anybody that needs an auto body shop. Everyone at TGIF is very helpful and friendly. My car had some major damage on the side pillar and it looked good as new when I got it back. They don't skimp on repairs or parts and will justify to the insurance company to get you a high quality repair.

Michael Takahashi Google Review

Tremendous facility and service. Totally accommadating and helpful in your time of need. It's bad enough to get in an autoaccident and have to deal with all the hassle but T.G.I.F. takes alot of the anxiety and frustration out of it. They are professionals and highly experienced. They are on virtually all the 'preferred' insurance provider lists and know how to get the most 'bang for your buck'. The quality of work is bar-none. You cant evan tell that your vehicle has been in a accident. Dont go with lessor known 'want to be's'. Go with the Beat...Go with T.G.I.F. Body Shop!

A Google User Google Review

5 star excellent customer service Office staff and Body shop techs Are the best.
When I took my Suburban they gave top Knotch care. I cannot say enough I was Very pleased.This is the place in fremont To get your work done ! I Can't say enough But you will leave there happy.

james f. Yelp Review

Wowza!!! Auto body work needs to get done GO HERE. I should studder GG GO HEHEHERE. They take care of your vehicle. The staff is friendly. Vanessa and John work in the office, they are easy to deal with and very nice. I had to take my SUV there last week to get my bumper and headlight replaced. (My car was parked at work and someone backed into me) John checked me in and helped me along the insurance process. The other guy's paid! ;)
TGIF is associated to hertz and enterprise so i was able to get a rental right from their office. NICE, so easy. Im a happy customer, best of all TGIF works directly with the insurance. So I really only had to get the claim opened and then just gave John the number.

Side note- Jason is the Boss, last year he helped me with my 1st accident (some lady backed into me while i was parked at home). He is professional and nice too. Since then i have a new name he did not know about. He saw me when i picked up my SUV (same vehicle) and he recognized me and remembered my 1st name. NICE its been a year!! Such friendly place.

Both times i have brought my SUV here it has come back beautiful!!! They know their stuff and have a great staff!

I will always bring my autobody needs to TGIF. Thank you.

Val D. Yelp Review

Just an awesome place to fix any damages with your car ! I took our car that was scratched on the bumper. Dealer or any body shop would charge a ton to have it repainted and replaced. The manager called a technician and he polished the scratch on the bumper without any costs. The ugly scratch is no longer visible and I can avoid spending a few days by leaving our car in a body shop for repairs. This is the place to be for your body shop needs. Wish I could give 6 stars on yelp for customer satisfaction!

Chandrani C. Yelp Review

This was first time having to have any auto body repairs done. My car's bumper needed a fix after being rear ended. This place had good reviews, and they live up to it. The process was very easy! They already had my insurance info. I made the appt., and when I dropped off the car, the rental car was there ready for me. The bumper was fixed perfectly - even better than before the accident. This company keeps in good communication as well. They would give me status updates through the week. They also had these awesome giveaway pens (sorry, little things make me happy). And I discovered the red vines container in the waiting area=). I also asked for a repair on a window panel (unrelated to the accident). They fixed it, but realized the part came with a tiny little scratch (which I wouldn't have noticed), but that did not meet their standard, so they ordered a new part to fix it. To me that shows the pride of their work. Try this place. It was so pleasant. The people are very friendly as well!

Michelle S. Yelp Review

This family run shop is great! I was referred to this shop through my insurance and I had the best experience. They took car of everything from the estimate to setting up a rental car. My car was done on time and was cleaner then when I brought it in. I have taken my car to other body shops before and have been handed my car back dusty and greasy. TGIF took care of me and my car throughout the whole process. I will always go to them for any autobody work.

Shelby O. Yelp Review

Great big thank you to Jason! Based on the posted hours on Yelp - thought that the place was open on Saturday. Was disappointed when I showed up around 10:30AM and found the business closed. I was looking up the business' phone number when Jason came out of nowhere and asked if i needed help.

I told him that I needed to have pictures taken of my car for the new insurance policy through Mercury. He was awesome - he was kind enough to help me out even though they were indeed closed. (He said that they were no longer open on Saturdays - since the beginning of the year.)

Lickety split - he took the pictures and e-mailed them to the insurance agenc within 15 minutes!

I really appreciate the fact that he didn't have to take time out of his day to help. If this is indicative of the kind of service that a customer can expect from their business ... they will be my go to place if I ever need body work done on my car!

Thank you! Thank you Jason!

Steven L. Yelp Review

This review is long overdue. I went into TGIF a few months back after a friend of mine had recommended this place to me. Right away, I was greeted by Jason Cocco as he proceeded to ask me what he could help me with. I explained to him that a few days prior, I was backing out of a tight parking space at a bad angle, where I hit a pole and my door was pushed in where the hinges were at and some paint scraped off. This resulted in my door making a really loud noise and pop whenever I would open and close it, almost as if the metal were rubbing against each other. We went outside to take a look at my car and he told me what my options were as far as repairing the car and fixing the paint job. I then explained that I was not able to afford the cost of the entire repair and paint job, although it was a very reasonable price, so I settled for having the door fixed. Then, Jason took my car into the repair area as I waited in the office. Within a matter of minutes, he brought my car back with the door completely fixed! I couldn't believe it! And to make things even better, he didn't even charge me a penny!!! I was amazed by the high quality of customer service that he had provided to me and I left with complete satisfaction. His outstanding and exemplary care for customers is uncommon in these modern times. I am really glad my friend recommended TGIF to me and I will ensure that I recommend them to all my friends and family. Thanks Jason! :)

M B. Yelp Review

Vanessa and surrounding team were great! I needed to get my car towed due to flats as well as looked to getting heavy scratches in my car removed as well. I call the shop and they scheduled a pick up. From the very moment I came in I was greeted by friendliness and politeness.

My car was repainted and brand new tires were replaced (with balancing and alignment).

Although my car was in their shop for a almost two weeks. I was reassured by staff that my vehicle would be kept inside (due to it being 'eye candy') to people passing by. I definitely got the impression that my car was being cared for and they wanted to help as much as they could. I work nearby and drove past from time to time. With every single time, my car parked inside.

Overall when I came to pick it up I was so impressed that the car looked pretty much brand new. The paint blended well and the fender flares fitted like stock(they had to remove for repaint)

The communication was great, the end result was amazing, and the customer service was top notch. It did cost quite a bit to get what I needed done but, their prices for the quality of work was truly something. I have already recommended a few friends over who need some body work done. As well as I would return to them for any future needs. Thanks again!

Ron P. Yelp Review

I ran over some yellow road paint and brought it into TGIF, they took me took the detailing area and applied some lacquer thinner to it to see how it'd react. In the end the estimate was $500 but he recommended I spend a Saturday and do it myself for $20. Thanks!

David P. Yelp Review

Greeted the moment I walked in. They are straight up, good ol fashion family values and attention to detail. I was given a fair quote and appreciate the honesty. Sometimes it can be intimidating going into a body shop (especially after being in a car accident when you don't even want to be here in the first place) but I have to say, I left feeling well taken care of and my car looks great. It's nice to see a family run business still thriving when the big box guys are on every corner. Glad I read other reviews and really glad I came here!

Jen O. Yelp Review

Wanted to review a while back (when I first had work done by TGIF) , but better late than never. Anyways I brought my Daughter's car (older 90's BMW) to TGIF for some front-end repairs here and one main reason I brought it here was because they have pretty good reviews and they are a Local Family owned business (I used to work close by to them in the past as well and I seen they were pretty good or actually pretty busy, wich I think is a good sign). I worked with Jason and he was very Professional and Courteous to work with. So they did a great job repairing the damage-but something happened with the hood (most likely original older paint problems, was in the center of thee hood and was cracking) so even though their original work was not where the cracks were coming up Jason had it fixed for me! 2 Thiumbs up! but anyway - Oh yeah, I have to mention they have a night drop off-box, which makes this place very convenient for me and has security cameras for your cars safety while sitting on their lot. I will use these guys for any future body work!

Bishop V. Yelp Review

Came here for a second opinion from another place where they were about to charge me $700 for minor scratches on the rear door. The guy at TGIF Body Shop has cleaned and polished the door (FOR FREE!) so all the scratches have gone almost completely. Thank you! You're the best!

Alexey K. Yelp Review

Never gotten into an accident and had almost freaked out with this one coz 2 doors of my car were terribly damaged.

My insurance had directed me to a different bodyshop(the staff was rude) and I decided to switch to this one the very moment i talked to Shaun.

So far I have interacted with Shaun, Jason, Teresa and Vanessa so far and they all have been very polite, friendly and professional. They have been giving me constant updates regarding my car and I didnt even have to worry about following with the insurance or the bodyshop.

Couldn't ask for a better experience at a bodyshop. I would definitly recommend this one to all you guys. Try it and you will know why its so awesome!

Isha A. Yelp Review

Jason is great. Friendly, easy to talk to. Gave me a fair price and quality service. Recommended to all!

Philip T. Yelp Review

I recommend this place to anybody that needs an auto body shop. Everyone at TGIF is very helpful and friendly. My car had some major damage on the side pillar and it looked good as new when I got it back.

They don't skimp on repairs or parts and will justify to the insurance company to get you a high quality repair.

Michael T. Yelp Review

Recently got my SUV bumper paint job done from them. Extremely professional people, good staff, overall a great place. I liked the confidence of life time warranty of the job.

Gary G. Yelp Review

This is my go to body shop. They will take care of you from the beginning until the end. They will assist you and always there for you. I'm glad I found this shop. All I have to do is drop my car and pick it up. The rest, they will take care of it.

I even forgot something at the rental car that I used. They helped me find it and get it back!

Jem G. Yelp Review

I came here to have a new center console lid installed that I brought in myself. Acura quoted me $178 and wrongly told me they would need to remove the whole console. TGIF had the old lid off and the new one on in less than 10 minutes and only charged me $22. Looks brand new! EXCELLENT customer service! I will definitely be coming back.

A B. Yelp Review

Talk about an honest body shop! I have gotten some repair work on my Toyota Camry (air condition replacement and accident repair). They did great work to my satisfaction. Were absolutely transparent in what they do, by when and for how much.
I came back here for my Honda accord, to essentially get an estimate on getting external body work done. Just in 10 minutes Jason saved me hundreds of dollars by giving me tips on how to avoid unnecessary bodywork and suggested the best approach to get the car looking new. And the best part....I complained about the car windshield reflecting a lot of light. We talked about various options of fixing that. But he was super nice to ask one of his employees to clean up the car windshield for absolutely no charge!

Rahul K. Yelp Review

Cargo van drove straight to me in a parking that damage my whole left side of my prius. Tgif was recommended to us by our cousin and spoke highly about them. I'm so glad we listened. They were extremely busy when I took my car there but Vanessa was able to help me out with everything that I needed along with the rental car. She called me later on that week to update me with the process and for the weeks to follow. They provide their customers with excellent service and take their time to make sure that your car's perfect.
If you're in need for a body shop. Look no future, you'll be extremely happy with TGIF!!!!

Lanny L. Yelp Review

TGIF is not the least expensive body shop, but they have very good prices for the quality of work they provide. I had a couple of estimates done for my car that needed a new bumper and the trunk repainted. A few estimates that I received included a $2500 to a $900 estimate. TGIF's estimate fell somewhere in the middle.

They repaired my car fast. The only thing that took long was getting the right parts in. Getting the parts for my car took a while because another company had trouble receiving TGIF's order request. This was not TGIF's fault.

They call you with status updates on your car.

When I got my car back, it looks like they went the extra mile and washed my car. If you are looking for estimates on body work, give TGIF a shot.

Dennis N. Yelp Review

Third time is a charm!

The first time I was sideswiped in my 2010 Mustang was 4 months after I bought it in 2010. A good friend recommended TGIF Bodyshop where she had taken her cars before. The staff was friendly and very helpful; they know what they are doing. My car was there for 6 weeks and the day I picked it up, it was like new. They washed it and even buffed out some rock chips because they are great like that.

The second time I got hit was 2012; rear ended this time I went straight to TGIF. Jason, Vanessa and staff were great. The other insurance wanted to have my bumper refurbished but Jason showed him my car interior (it's a show car I drive daily) and said no to the refurbished bumper. When I picked up my car, once again all washed and looking good as new.

The third time I got hit in February 2014 (which is now a total of 8 different not at fault accidents), I was in shock and called TGIF soon after I got hit. Jason didn't believe me when I said I got hit again. Took it in the next day and had to wait a month to get it fixed due to the other drivers insurance being a pain. My car was in for 2 weeks and picked it up knowing it would look absolutely clean and amazing.....and it was. I was able to pull off getting a GT bumper and it looks great.

I would give them more stars if I could. They are professional, caring, friendly, and communicate with me through the process. The whole staff I think knows me now...Lol! I have even recommended them to other friends because I don't trust anyone else with my car. And I also make sure when I do car shows that I tell people where I got my car fixed.

Thank you TGIF for everything....I am a very satisfied customer.

Tammie B. Yelp Review

Someone was admiring a rainbow on the freeway and rear-ended me. She managed to wreck my bumper, bend the floor of the trunk of my car, and bend the body of my car as came out to a grand total of almost $4000 in repairs, These guys did a great job fixing my car. They were fairly quick and dealt directly with the insurance company. There was a dent on the the cover to my gas cap which was unrelated to the accident but they fixed it for free. My car looks great! I personally know other people here who have had great experiences as well. Would highly recommend!

Alyssa L. Yelp Review

I love this body shop. After a rear-end accident that left our family van with a mutilated rear bumper, our insurance recommended TGIF to us.

Our van was ready for pickup on a dark, rainy night. We were so happy with the results of the fix that night when we went to see it. There was paint on the bumper again and the puncture marks were gone! I feel like the quality of the paint work they did on our van surpassed that of the factory because many people have asked us if we had our rear bumper repainted - I'm sure because it looks way better than the rest of the van! I have attached a picture to let you judge for yourself.

David J. Yelp Review

TGIF Body Shop is fantastic. There is no one more picky about their car than myself. I just bought brand new car on November 18, 2013 and 29 days later some idiot rear ends me. I was so pissed off not to mention depressed as well. I had minor work done on my wife's car at TGIF not involving paint work so I really didn't know what to expect. Idiots insurance Allstate was a nightmare but finally agreed to get me a new OEM bumper as they wanted to get the one damaged sent out for repair. Jason, Shawn and Vanesa went to work for me and communicated with the insurance that I insisted on a new bumper. Bumper came in and when I went to pick up my car, I was extremely impressed with how the paint from my freshly painted bumper matched the rest of my car. Couldn't be happier with the work and customer service the staff at TGIF provided me. I called everyday and I am sure they are happy to get my car out of there. I will recommend friends and family to them and they have gained in me a customer for life, thanks TGIF

4 Foots P. Yelp Review

Highly professional, great service and excellent repairs on my 09 civic. They were able to restore the dent on my right rear door and frame to factory specifications. They worked closely with my insurance with minimal overhead for me. They have convenient rental car loaner pick up and drop off too. They made the whole accident as less harrowing as possible. Definitely a 10 for their all around effort.

Gopi V. Yelp Review

TGIF Body Shop has amazing customer service - really professional and friendly!

Their outstanding hospitality is what makes their company so successful. I was referred by a family friend and I will recommend them to everyone I speak with.

I got my bumper replaced and TGIF called me constantly to update me on the process as well as ask me certain questions about the car. This was important to me, since I was renting a car during the time of my car being in the shop. They made it easy to communicate with them and they always had answers to my questions.

Going above and beyond - I had accidentally ripped off my rear view mirror a couple months ago and I had taken my car to the Toyota dealership to get it serviced. They had offered to put the mirror back on for me, but I would need to remove the super glue on the window first (long story). TGIF called me while my car was in the shop and asked me if I would like for them to put the mirror back on. They removed the glue and placed the mirror back on all free of charge.

Going above and beyond pt. 2 - My car was ready on a Friday and I didn't go pick it up until Tuesday of the next week. When I saw it, I became extremely excited as to how clean and shiny it was (easily pleased). The gentleman who was helping me said that it became a little dirty over the weekend (really, it wasn't even dirty at all) and offered to give me a free car wash whenever I wanted to go in for one. I was really pleased about this, but as soon as I got into my car I became ecstatic! They had detailed my car for me as well.

The majority of companies tend to go after the money side of their business - the more money the better! You can tell with TGIF, they really believe in great customer service and they work on their relationships. They quoted me lower than what my insurance company estimated and gave me much more than I could have asked for in service.

Becky D. Yelp Review

TGIF did a great job with my car and delivered it back to me on time. Great customer service! Definitely recommend.

Rajvi B. Yelp Review

TGIF saved my car! My car was broken into in the Country Way parking lot last week and the whole back window, paint and wiper/trim had to be repaired. These guys took care of everything, met with my insurance agent and made my car as good as new! Although the act itself was traumatizing, its great to know that honest people are still out there and they made me feel so comfortable with the whole process! Thanks guys!!

Libby T. Yelp Review

Always a great job! Outstanding work and personal service! I could not ask for a better situation when getting my car or wife's car fixed! Family owned bigger bay area shop! I could not imagine going back to shops that don't care. TGIF rocks all around on price and service!

Rob T. Yelp Review

I had very bad experience before with a different body shop so I was still very skeptical about this place even it have good reviews.

My car was rear ended so my car was in the shop for nearly 3 weeks. It was Jason Cocco who helped me taken care of my car. He followed up very quick and always gave me detail explanation about the status. He never tried to make any suggestive sales or recommend me what I should do. He was knowledgeable and friendly to answer my questions so I couldn't ask for more.

I would recommend TGIF Body shop to people I know because people here are very professional. It's really hard to find a shop nowadays that focus on customer service over how much money you got in your pocket.

Keep up the great work! I would want to do business with you guys again.

Luke L. Yelp Review

For those who appreciate quality work and customer service!
There are many Body shops outhere, But when you want the job to be done right,It just doesn't compare. Come to see the pros at TGIF you be glad you did.

Raul M. Yelp Review

My car was towed here at my request after a recent fender bender. The folks here (Jason and others) are super courteous and polite!

James W. Yelp Review

I stopped in here without an appointment to get an estimate on some paint damage on my car. I rolled in expecting to probably pay at least a few hundred dollars to get it fixed.

The guy (I think his name was Jason) was super friendly and professional. It turned out my problem wasn't that bad and he was able to fix my paint situation in about 3 minutes with some compound and didn't even charge me anything (when he very easily could have been shady and taken advantage of my lack of auto body knowledge and charged me quite a bit).

Super friendly, professional, and HONEST - I'd recommend this place to anyone in the area looking for a good body shop!

Bob S. Yelp Review

I was helped by a friendly woman named Teresea. I went in to get my estimate, and she was really helpful and thorough. Luckily I have insurance, and they did an absolutely fantastic job on my vehicle, and now it looks almost as good as new! Thank you guys for helping out my car look better.

Kyle H. Yelp Review

My front bumper was smashed by some nice lady while parked in Palo Alto. Why nice? She left her number on my windshield with the note that she's so sorry. Though I wanted so much to cry over it because of the hassle (yah, I'm a big cry baby), still glad that she didn't do the hit and run thing like the other person did to me awhile back.

So after confirming everything with their Insurance company and her accepting that she's at 100% fault, Triple A sent me to these guys which is like a mile away from my dig. Teresa, the adjuster was very pleasant and efficient. She explained to me everything that will be done to my car. She also made sure that she kept me updated all the time.

After 13 days and $2,200 something dollars (Thank God I don't have to pay for it!), I got my baby back looking pretty like the usual. They also gave me a coupon for 2 FREE carwash at a gas station nearby.

Highly recommend TGIF! I just hope against hope that I don't have to see them again. Yah know what I mean? :D

They are also in network with Progressive and other Insurance companies.

Kevyne R. Yelp Review

Helpful and friendly. They did a great job with my car.

Clamari T. Yelp Review

TGIF definitely takes the 'bad' away from getting into an accident and having to go through the hassle of getting your car repaired. Service and communication is awesome! They are so accommodating and they definitely make your experience a pleasurable one. They're quick, efficient and honorable.

I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for repairs.

Delilah B. Yelp Review

We took our brand new car to this place to fix a rear bumper that i caused myself by relying on the camera and bumped into someone. My car didn't even come home and had mere 66 miles on it when the damage happened. I was devastated to say the least (seriously) and decided that i could not bare to look at my new car in that condition. Next morning i called TGIF and they asked me to come to the store to access the damage and give me a quote.
Teresa and the store owner (I think Bill) were extremely nice and told us that it would not look the same as it's gonna be a re-manufactured part and not factory part. I was apprehensive when i heard that and they showed me around the parking lot to show other cars where there was a similar damage and we decided to go ahead and have out car fixed.
The service was very prompt and we had our car back barely 24 hours later. They also help you rent a car for repairs that may take longer. I should point out that when i saw my car, I could not even tell where the damage had occurred.
They don't try to push you and really educate you and help make the right choice. Overall I am very happy with the level of service provided and would highly recommend TGIF and you search for a body shop end right here!

Gayatri N. Yelp Review

My 16-year-old SUV got a door dented in a parking lot incident. TGIF came up with a way to repair it reasonably, so that the other guy's insurance didn't total the car. (I'm really very fond of it!) The repair looks better than the rest of the car body, and matches perfectly, both inside and out. The age of the car meant they had to be creative getting parts, but they managed. They kept me posted on progress, dealt with the insurance and rental car, and were very friendly and patient through the whole process. Plus, they're a green-certified business. The whole experience was as good as it can get.

Jo M. Yelp Review

TGIF was awesome!! The staff was friendly and professional, as well as informative! My mini was rear ended and now it looks like brand new!! The paint job was well done and about as closely matched as it gets! I got updates everyday on the progress of my repairs! They ask you if you want updates everyday! I highly recommend this body shop!

Joe S. Yelp Review

My car door was all messed up and it made me want to cry every time I looked at it. T.G.I.F. Body shop fixed it for me and you can't even tell it was ever messed up! The family that owns the business really care about their customers and I totally recommend this place! :)

Vanessa U. Yelp Review

I am so happy to see this place has five stars, 'cause it's well deserved!

My little honda civic got sandwiched almost two months ago by a white van and an SUV. I had multiple people recommend TGIF to me, including the guy at fault's insurance company (which was a nightmare to deal with, the people at TGIF can attest to that). They kept me up to date with everything throughout the time my car was there, such as when they started the work, when they finished, and what the final price was. There were no surprises.

I got my car back three weeks later (which was completely understandable considering the amount of work that had to be done), and everything was good until a day later someone pointed out that one of my brake lights wasn't working. I called them up the next day and I went in immediately. I wasn't even in there for ten minutes before they handed my keys back and said, ''Your brake lights were working when the car left, the problem was that the bulb went out so we went ahead and changed it for you.' Free of charge! Accidents are never a fun experience, but TGIF's impeccable service almost makes up for the crap that insurance company's put you through!

Veronica S. Yelp Review

Granted that it's never fun having to take your car in to be repaired after an accident, I will say that the service and professionalism of the TGIF staff was quite a gift in what would be a stressful situation.
I was well taken care of and can whole heartedly recommend them.

Michael M. Yelp Review


Recently, someone decided that stopping at a red light was overrated, causing them to plow into the rear bumper of my beautiful car (aka my baby.) After talking to the insurance company, they recommended TGIF as a preferred shop and that their work was good for the lifetime of the vehicle.
I have always been told to check out all of the different body shops around and to read all the reviews. This was my plan until about 5 hours after my accident, TGIF called and were ready to set an appt, get my car in the shop, have the rental company pick me up and make it simple. I was sold!

They showed me all the damage, they explained everything that was going to take place and were realistic with their timeline. I am VERY picky about my car and treat it like a child so when they were so particular/ detailed with every step, I knew I was at the right place.

They have been quick, kind, genuine, polite and a pleasure to work with throughout this process and I couldn't be happier with how my car looks!

Thanks Again T.G.I.F!

Kathryn S. Yelp Review

Your search for an auto body shop stops here. T.G.I.F. is THE place to go when you need work done on your car. Their service goes above and beyond.. They are quick, efficient and the quality of their work is top notch. They're a family owned place and they will also treat you like one of their own...

I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone. Your mom, your cousin, your girl's best friend. TGIF will get it done right!

Tammy L. Yelp Review

i have had several accidents where tgif have been more than wonderful in taking care of of the repairs on my car and i have never had a problem. they are excellent at what they do and i would highly recommend them to anyone i know. thank you tgif for making my auto accident easier to handle.

Kathy D. Yelp Review

This is the place to go for any collision repair, or a great paint job for your car! We used TGIF back in December 2009 and the service was great, friendly, and yes they fixed the major dent. Not only did they fix the dented part but also touch up on some other spots that were close to the dented area to make the car look new.

The staff is great and Kathy is the best! She will make sure you get 100% satisfaction service. They also work with the insurance company, so they take care of the whole package for you.

Loree K. Yelp Review

done body repair after collision ~ 1.5 year ago, insurance paid for it.

completely satisfied with work and service.

Alexei K. Yelp Review

I know this business very well, and I have never seen an automotive services company try harder to ensure 100% satisfaction. It was amazing to see how quickly they could turn a repair around, while still doing a phenomenal job on the repair.

I highly recommend this company for any collision repair or paint/detail job.

Jonathan L. Yelp Review

Tremendous facility and service. Totally accommadating and helpful in your time of need. It's bad enough to get in an autoaccident and have to deal with all the hassle but T.G.I.F. takes alot of the anxiety and frustration out of it. They are professionals and highly experienced. They are on virtually all the 'preferred' insurance provider lists and know how to get the most 'bang for your buck'. The quality of work is bar-none. You cant evan tell that your vehicle has been in a accident. Dont go with lessor known 'want to be's'. Go with the Beat...Go with T.G.I.F. Body Shop !

Scott C. Yelp Review

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